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Knowing when you're tired of being sick and tired!

As a domestic violence survivor, I'm always asked why did I stay so long.

There's not a simple answer for that question and every survivor sometimes have different reasons for staying. One thing I know that most of us have in common is the mantra of "tired of being sick and tired". 

So many things come into play when you decide to leave. Your safety, your finances, and you children are usually the three main factors that helps you make the decision.

Regardless of how long it may take a victim before they make up their mind to leave, please give them the love and understanding that they need from you as a family member, friend or co-worker. Dealing with the physical and mental trauma that comes along with being a victims is overwhelming in itself so the last thing a victim need is her circle questioning her decisions.

Spoken with love

Yo Yo Fabulous

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Brian Easley, PhD
Brian Easley, PhD
6 days ago

While this question generally is not asked with malice, it is one of revictimization. As stated above, it is not as simple as one would think especially when there is no plan. Also, does anyone ever ask why did the perpetrator not leave? Thank you Ms. Yolanda, to you and your team for the great work that you do. Brian Easley, PhD

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